Bridge Climb Sydney - Twilight

Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge for the ultimate Sydney experience – see panoramic views from the top of an Australian icon.

Tour Information


**The purchase of a Climb is non-refundable non-transferable and specific to a particular Climb as stated in the Proof of Purchase. Climbs and Gift Certificates rights or entitlements to Climbs and Gift Certificates or to purchase Climbs and Gift Certificates must not be offered as prizes offered for sale or resale or resold or used for any commercial purpose (including without limitation promotion of any supplier or any supplier’s products or services) without BridgeClimb’s prior written permission. If BridgeClimb reasonably believes that these activities have occurred without such consent the holder of a reservation or Gift Certificate may be refused participation in a Climb without payment of any compensation.

**Climb times reserved can only be changed up to seven days before the original Climb date and changed only by time or date to another available time or date. Reduction in the number of participants or changes to the identity of Climbers is not permitted. BridgeClimb reserves the right to charge a booking fee on the purchase of Climbs and Gift Certificates and the right to charge an administration fee should purchases be changed where permitted by BridgeClimb.

**All Climbs must be paid for at the time of making the reservation unless otherwise agreed by BridgeClimb in advance.


**Climbs will not proceed if BridgeClimb decides in its absolute discretion whether for safety reasons or other reasonable reasons to cancel a Climb.

**Should a Climb not proceed then Climbers will be re-scheduled at their convenience be issued with a refund voucher in the case of purchases bought through a third party reselling Climbs (“Reseller”) or be reimbursed the price paid for a Climb but otherwise shall have no claim whatsoever (including no claim for travel expenses or any other out of pocket expenses) relating to the cancellation of a Climb. In the case of purchases bought through a Reseller that Reseller will be responsible for redeeming the refund voucher and making reimbursements to a Climber.

**Climbs and Gift Certificates are not refundable except in accordance with these Terms or as agreed in writing by BridgeClimb. Refunds where permitted will only be made to the person or Reseller who purchased a Climb from BridgeClimb.